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Introduction Of Commodities Derivatives Trading In BSE 22/09/2016 PDF
Bringing in Efficiency in SCORES redressal system Usage of Exclusive email ID for redressal of Investor Complaints 19/09/2016 PDF
Representation from our member broker MsMotilalOswal Investment Services 19/09/2016 PDF
Comments of BBF on SEBI discussion paper Strengthening of the regulatory framework for Algorithm Trading and Co Location 31/08/2016 PDF
Letter Related to Mail Sent on July 29,2016 towards approach to the CERSAI 04/08/2016 PDF
SEBI Circular on new KYC Requirements w.e.f 01 Aug 2016 28/07/2016 PDF
Media Reports- Tarnishing Image of Broking Fraternity 19/07/2016 PDF
Suggestion on Draft Circular – Simplification of the Client Account Opening Kit 16/06/16 PDF
BSE Brokers Forum (BBF) becomes the “Asian Region Representative” on the International Council of Securities Associations (ICSA) Board 01/06/16 PDF
SEBI Notification dated 26th September 2012 regarding Mutual Funds Commission not to exceed 12 basis points 31/05/16 PDF
Representation in SMAC 19/05/16 PDF
Request for Informal Guidance by way of Interpretive Letter Under SEBI (Informal Guidance) Scheme 2003 (the scheme) in connection with removal of doubts over inclusion of service tax on brokerage. 13/04/16 PDF
Identifying shares hold by the investors 11/04/16 PDF
Net worth of Stock Brokers 17/03/16 PDF
Hearty Congratulations for extension of Chairmanship 18/02/16 PDF
Undue Police Harassment to Brokers 04/02/16 PDF
Fraudulent SMS received by BCB Brokerage 21/01/16 PDF
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Compulsory ASBA for IPOs w.e.f 01-Jan-16 Practical problems faced by Stock Broker in Investor Servicing for IPO 31/12/15 PDF
Essar Oil Delisting 22/12/15 PDF
SEBI Circular Dt:- 11 Dec-2015 on Basic Service DE mat Account (BSDA) Concerns On Restrictions on Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) levied by Depository Participants (DPs) 21/12/15 PDF
Fraudulent SMS floating in the Market 10/12/2015 PDF
BSE Brokers Forum presence as an Endorser- at the ASIFMA Annual Conference 2015,2-3 Dec, Hong Kong 04/12/2015 PDF
Suggestions /Feedback for guidance Note to be issued on FATCA / CRS implementation 23/11/2015 PDF
Recovery of dues by Stock Brokers from defaulting clients 16/11/2015 PDF
Listing of shares of BSE Ltd 05/11/2015 PDF
Comments on Report of the committee on 'Enhanced Supervision of Stock Brokers 26/10/2015 PDF
SEBI FMC Merger (Congratulations Letter) 29/09/2015 PDF
Comments on KAMATH Committee 24/09/2015 PDF
Request for being considered as member of the Secondary Market Advisory Committee 07/08/2016 PDF
Note on Increase in stamp duty in the state of Maharashtra 17/07/2015 PDF
Presentation from Ms. Eastern Financers Limited on Adani Price Fall 16/06/2015 PDF
Dabba Trading Killing Market 12/06/2015 PDF
Corporate Actions on Pricing on day of Listing Adani Enterprises 11/06/2015 PDF
Enabling Stock Exchange Mechanism For Tender Offers SEBI mail dated 30-Mar-15/AIBI mail dated 01-Apr-15 05/06/2015 PDF
Inclusion of Member Broker in IGRC Panel 28/05/2015 PDF
Exemption of Brokers from Research Analyst Regulations 26/05/2015 PDF
Comments on discussion on issues pertaining to offer for sale of shares 23/04/2015 PDF
Inclusion of Differential Voting Shares in various Indices 26/03/2015 PDF
Commodities Scam of Rs 5500 crores perpetrated by the management of NSEL and recent developments (Jointly with ANMI) 18/03/2015 PDF
Inputs Required for GOI RCEP meeting 18/03/2015 PDF
Unnecessary Harassments to Brokers by Authorities 10/02/2015 PDF
Reports in Economic Times about markets closed on Budget Day 09/02/2015 PDF
FATCA/CRS-Comments on Draft Rules and Form (Jointly with ANMI) 29/01/2015 PDF
To have Exchange Trading on Budget Day on 28th Feb 2015 22/01/2015 PDF
Penalty on client code modification 15/01/2015 PDF
High margin on single stock option 15/01/2015 PDF
Uniform parameter for closing of transactions of clients 15/01/2015 PDF
Core Settlement Guarantee Fund, Default Waterfall and Stree Test Circular CIR/MRD/DRMNP/25/2014 Dated Aug 27,2014 14/01/2015 PDF
Seminar conducted on KRA related issues on 6th January 2015 09/01/2015 PDF
Invitation to be an expert speaker for the 28th AGM of ICSA 2015 in Mumbai 06/01/2015 PDF
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FATCA provisions email of Dec 23,2014 (Jointly with ANMI) 31/12/2014 PDF
Comments with regard to providing ISIN details in bills/ contract notes(Jointly with ANMI) 24/12/2014 PDF
Our Comments on proposed Saral Form(Jointly with ANMI) 19/12/2014 PDF
Reporting of Turnover by Exchanges 04/12/2014 PDF
SAVE THE DATE:- 15 April 2015,ICSA AGM Mumbai 15/09/2014 PDF
Commodities Scam of Rs 5500 cr perpetrated by the management of NSEL (Jointly with ANMI) 19/08/2014 PDF
Efficient redressal of Investor Grievances at Regional Centres Request for Video Conferencing Facilities 10/07/2014 PDF
ANMI-BBF Joint Representation on Common Contract Note 08/07/2014 PDF
EOI for Investor Survey 25/06/2014 PDF
Reconstitution of Secondary Advisory Committee 25/06/2014 PDF
Meeting on NISM examinations on June 19,2014 23/06/2014 PDF
Annual System Audit of Stock Brokers/Trading Members. 23/06/2014 PDF
Annual System Audit of Stock Brokers/Trading Members. 20/06/2014 PDF
Annual System Audit of Stock Brokers/Trading Members. 20/06/2014 PDF
Comments on Discussion paper on 8issues pertaining to offer for sale of shares through stock exchange mechanism 20/06/2014 PDF