Compliance Calendar


Compliance Calendar:


March 2018

Segment Particulars Due Date
BSE BSE - Uploading of margin funding file for the month of February 2018 1/3/2018 To 7/03/2018
All Exchanges Contingency Drill / Mock Trading Session 3/3/2018
All Exchanges Uploading of funds, Securities and other details of exchanges as per SEBI circular of Enhanced supervision 5/3/2018
PMS PMS - Uploading of activity report on SEBI Portal 5/3/2018
All Exchanges Uploading clients fund balanace and Securities balanaces by the stock brokers on stock exchanges system as per SEBI circular of Enhanced supervision. 7/3/2018
NSE NSE-Uploading of Margin Funding File for the month of February, 2018 7/3/2018
Income Tax TDS Payment for the Month of February, 2018 for Corporate and Individual 7/3/2018
Stamp Duty Payment 0f Stamp duty:- Security Exchange and Commodity Exchanges 10/3/2018
Depository Submission of Investor Grievances Report CDSL & NSDL 10/3/2018
Income Tax Advance payment of Income Tax 15/3/2018
NSE / BSE Sub-broker registered between April01, 2008 to March 31, 2009 and April 01, 2013 to March 31,2014 and do not wish to continue their business with the trading member as a sub-broker after March 31, 2018 should apply for cancellation/Surrender/ of their registration 20/3/2018
BSE No. 01 STR filed with FLU-IND for the month of February,2018. [Including NIL STR] Before 31/3/2018