BSE Investor Education and Awareness


BSE Brokers' Forum Investor Education and Awareness Initiatives:

The Brokers’ Forum offers you an opportunity to visit the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Ltd., Asia’s oldest stock exchange.

To outsiders, the stock exchange automatically evokes images of floor trading and traders who communicate and make deals via hand signals and shouting. The open outcry system which was the symbol of Indian stock market has been preserved in BSE for more than 100 years. With more than 5000 listed companies which makes BSE second largest exchange in the world in terms of listed companies, the feel of the visit to BSE makes the experience worth.

Although today 100% percent of exchange turnover is handled via the fully electronic and location-independent trading system BSE Online Trading (BOLT), it is still worth taking a look at BSE International Convention Hall (the legendary trading floor)

With the country seeing and experiencing an economy so dynamic and ever changing Brokers’ Forum is acting as a facilitator in filling the gaps so that the business may shore up their competitiveness and enhance their global reach.

Objective of these seminars is to increase the number of retail investors in the market. During these sessions knowledge about working of the global economy, Indian economy and the stock market working is discussed. The target audiences are students, brokers, investors who form the base of the retail investors in the market.

The study visit program covers the following presentations:

- Overview on the Working of the Stock Exchange.

- Overview on the Indian Economy.

- Visit to Brokers Office to watch and study LIVE Terminal of trading.

- Followed by a Walk and Talk tour to the BSE Convention Hall. (Optional: As per availability only)

- Concluding with a visit to the BSE Ltd. memorabilia stores. (Shop for BSE Ltd. collectibles)